Suki Suki Mai-san – Audio Made Visual

Suki Suki Mai-san – Audio Made Visual

Sample 1

Note: Video is not censored, just trying to keep this site SFW.

So I was listening to the OVA drama CD Suki Suki Mai-san while reading the English script made by Ichigo Aji-Yuri Tendou. I found the story enjoyable but was having trouble keeping track with the lines since I don’t understand Japanese. I was trying to to think of a way to make this drama CD more friendly to non-Japanese speakers and ended up with something in the style of the Reo x Mai Diaries:

Encoder: dclives
Translation: Ichigo Aji-Yuri Tendou
Format: MKV
Codec: x264
Size: 39.4 MB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 10 min 44 sec
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Special thanks to AXYPB for translating the first Mai & Reo visual novel and making the awesome message window mod you see used in this video. Also thanks to Yi for maintaining the most comprehensive Sono Hanabira blog around.

v2 Fileserve Link

Just wanted to mention a couple things. When I started this project I had them clothed because I wanted the video to be “SFW” but while watching it I realized it made no sense when they are talking about being naked so I changed it, I doubt there will be any complaints about that though.

If anyone has any questions or comments about the translation please post them below and I’ll try to respond. Also is anyone knows of an English translation of any of the other drama CDs please let me know.


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22 Responses to Suki Suki Mai-san – Audio Made Visual

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  2. Hello says:

    Oh! this looks nice! it made me remember something i watched on youtube of the Haruhi Drama CD translated, so this is cool! thanks for taking the work on doing this!

  3. dclives says:

    I just replaced the link with a version two which is just slightly higher quality. Overall not a big deal but I get nit picky when I do stuff like this. I swapped out the screen shots too so feel free to compare if you already downloaded it.

  4. Errant says:

    Brilliant. I’ve pretty much ignored the drama cd’s due to not understanding a word, this is really appreciated.

  5. MkMiku says:

    I’ve liked this series ever since I saw the anime. Thanks for putting it out. I really enjoyed watching it!

  6. CainHyde says:

    One word: “Wonderful!”
    Thanks very much.

  7. Overlord-G says:

    Much obliged for this pack of goodness, triad of awesomeness. Rock on doods!

  8. Mihabel says:

    Great job 🙂

  9. Naoko chan says:

    Umm… Can anyone help me?? The FileServe url seems to be broken and I can’y access Megaupload in where I am staying.

  10. ThornsForest says:

    Please re-uplad>_____< fileserve deleted the file, saying "file not available",

  11. onemore1337 says:

    The download link is dead, is there any way to get it now?

  12. dclives says:

    Latest post has updated links to everything. I haven’t gotten the chance to edit them into individual post yet.

  13. magicks says:

    Fileserve won’t let me download it. It keeps saying you can only get files you have personally uploaded.

  14. the file’s already deleted>____________<

  15. could you please reupload it?>______<

  16. I can’t download it… 😦 Please re-upload ><"

  17. AmaYuri says:

    Can you please re-upload it? 🙂

  18. Sam says:

    Can you please reupload it please? Much appreciated =)

  19. Rock says:

    Ok! I found the video, but the subs are waaaay misplaced and I have no idea how to fix them, you can download it and fix it if you can, then reupload it for everyone to see it 😀 (myself included)…please? Thanks to the owner of the post for making the video in the first place, its been five years? Man the time flies.

    Drama CD:!Uk4RBA7Q

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