Zutto Shiawase na Kiss/A Kiss of Eternal Happiness – Track 5 – Audio Made Visual

Zutto Shiawase na Kiss/A Kiss of Eternal Happiness – Track 5 – Audio Made Visual

Sample 1

Sorry for the long delay. Track 5 is finally done. Unfortunately I haven’t had that much free time lately and I am now editing these tracks in addition to the timing and making of the videos that I was already doing. If anyone would like to volunteer to help time these it would speed up releases a lot. All you need is basic experience using Aegisub. Contact me at dc_lives@hotmail.com if you’re interested.

In other news the quality of these videos should overall be better from this point on because of the experience I’ve gotten working with fansub groups over the last couple months. After this CD is over I’ll go back and fix up the first 4 tracks.

Lastly I will be doing the second Madoka Drama CD but I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get to it. Enjoy!

Encoder: dclives
Translator: @fkeroge
Timer: dclives
Editor: dclives
Format: MKV
Codec: x264
Size: 29.1 MB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 4 min 23 sec
Audio: Japanese (FLAC 2.0)
Subtitles: English

Track 5 Fileserve Link

Track 5 Torrent

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7 Responses to Zutto Shiawase na Kiss/A Kiss of Eternal Happiness – Track 5 – Audio Made Visual

  1. AXYPB says:

    I have neglected this project as well. Please understand that my current releases have more priority at this time.

  2. Hello says:

    thanks for your hard work, we apreciate what you a re doing with this CD! i know it must be hard to work alone but dont give up! I dont know anything about fansubing stuff, but i cheer for you my friend!

  3. CainHyde says:

    Thanks very much! πŸ™‚

  4. King-Slayer says:

    Thanks for this! Good to see that your not dropping it because i really love these two.

  5. love sono says:

    thank you very much guy .
    I will waiting your another work .

    I love sono hanabira very much
    you made me dream come true

    thanks!!! XD

  6. love sono says:

    I can’t wait a kiss of eternal happiness next chapter
    It very cute
    Nanami Yunna Bansai !!
    thanks for your hard working.

  7. Errant says:

    I love you for doing this.

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